Dining Decor at West Coast Wilderness Lodge

The Lodge will set the dining room with our white linens, white china and silverware for evening dinner service. If you would like alternate colours or different arrangements, we can provide you with a list of recommended suppliers.

A Wedding Dining Room Setup   The Head Table of a Wedding

Inlets Restaurant’s dining room chairs and banquet chairs are included in the rental. If you would like a different type of chair, such as white or cane, they can be rented through the Lodge or through an alternate supplier.

Decorations in the Dining RoomPlease let us know if you are bringing specific table decorations for the dining room.
Additional décor should be coordinated and set up by you. We will work with you to establish a schedule for the set-up. Please bring all the items you will need for decorating such as scissors, tape and pins. You will have access to the dining room, lower lounge and decks on the day of your wedding to do any personal touches.

Due to the dimensions of Inlets’ dining room, we must seat wedding parties with over 80 guests at a combination of round and rectangular tables. The Food & Beverage Manager will consult with you to determine your preferences for a head table, family groupings, and other seating details.

Once we have presented you with a floor plan laying out your tables, we ask that you give us the seating plan for your banquet at least two weeks before your wedding date. Our waiters will set individual places with the name cards according to your seating plan.