Waterfront Dining at Inlets

...a sublime four-course dinner long on innovation, artistry and superior ingredients ~ featuring the Sunshine Coast's freshest seasonal fare complemented by Inlet's extensive wine collection.

A welcoming atmosphere, fresh seasonal cuisine and breathtaking scenery.

Inlets Restaurant is the heart of West Coast Wilderness Lodge.

The Upper Deck of the Inlets Restaurant

As you dine, you'll see cormorants, eagles and the occasional  sea lion sporting in the waters far below.  Watch the currents switch direction as the tide changes with all the power of the Skookumchuck Rapids, just a few miles away.

This spectacular setting is the perfect environment to enjoy our take on the best of West Coast cuisine.

Pacific Yachting Magazine recently called us
"the best water-front restaurant in this part of the world."

Whether you'd like a romantic dinner for two and are visiting us from the lower part of the Sunshine Coast, or you are on a weekend getaway from Vancouver, we promise that the view from Inlets combined with our delicious fare is worth the trip.

The View From the Upper Deck of the Inlets Restaurant   Inside the Inlets Restaurant

Consider a float plane ride or a boat cruise before or after dinner, or a tour of the Skookumchuck Rapids — one of the most popular attractions on the Sunshine Coast.

Dining Experiences...

  • Enjoy lunch or dinner combined with a scenic float plane tour flying in from Vancouver, Whistler, or Sechelt with West Coast Air.
  • Celebrating an anniversary, birthday, or wedding? The restaurant is available for special events. Please contact us for more information.
  • The bar is always well-stocked with premium beverages and offers a great selection of award-winning B.C. wines.


Serving Guests Inside the Inlets Restaurant

Executive Chef

"Every moment deserves attention, and to truly offer love to a meal, the truth in its surroundings must be appreciated."
Meet our executive chef, Tim Kozody - above all a passionate and dedicated food enthusiast, and also a lover of nature, family and friends. Tim has dedicated his life to the culinary crafts and the moments which adventurous cuisine can inspire. People often ask him, "What is your favourite dish or type of cuisine?" to which he replies, "that depends on what time of day it is, what the weather is like, where in the world I am and who I am dining with. Every moment deserves attention, and to truly offer love to a meal, the truth in its surroundings must be appreciated."

Following culinary school graduation in 2003, Chef Tim gained experience in several reputable fine dining restaurants where he focussed on Italian, Spanish and French cuisine and techniques. Still not satisfied, he decided to chase the seed of his training to Europe where he studied from the roots up, working on farms across Spain, France and Italy, chiselling away at the questions he had regarding the food he so respected. His efforts are evident in his cuisine - "I have learnt just as much from the grandmothers of the earth as I have from the top chefs that have trained me."

Tim has worked for multiple celebrities as a personal chef and obtained his first executive chef position running a casual fine dining kosher restaurant in Vancouver at the age of 25. He has sailed Mexico, Haida Gwaii and Alaska as a diving vessel chef, and most recently appeared in Chopped Canada as a contestant. His mission is to provide a unique experience for his guests, his team, the lodge and all the staff who have helped make this lodge what it is, utilizing natural methods in all he can. "I want to smile and dance while in the midst of the kitchen heat knowing my team is doing the same: building a garden, foraging and fishing are all incredible gifts of our surroundings, so we should be dancing".

Chef Tim Enjoying the Lodge Scenery   Chef Tim Preparing a Fresh Catch
With the support of our talented kitchen team, Tim looks forward to making your dining experience at West Coast Wilderness Lodge uniquely memorable.

See our sample Menus & Wine List.