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Local Lakes

The area surrounding West Coast Wilderness Lodge has several amazing lakes. Nearby Waugh Lake is a popular place for our guests to enjoy the summer fun.

You can take the private and easy 3 kilometre trail through the woods in our backyard. The next closest lakes are North Lake and Klein Lake; a mountain lake great for fishing and canoeing.

The large, crystal-clear Ruby Lake is a little further up the road but is fed by thermal vents and offers some excellent lookout sites. Our guides know all the tiny trails and can direct you to the perfect spot for a family outing on the Sunshine Coast.

Not only can our lakes’ water temperatures reach 82°F, some of Canada’s natural icons, such as the beaver and the loon, make these lakes their home.

Paddle out to one of the points for an afternoon of swimming and fishing and we can pretty much guarantee you will be the only ones there.

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Great Blue Heron


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