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There comes a time in the day when no matter the question...
the answer is "food and wine".

The Lodge wine list evolves with the menu throughout the season. We always feature a fine selection of British Columbia wines.

Inlets Restaurant recommended

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Callipoe Figure 8Cabernet Merlot, BC –  $42      

PasocreekZinfandel, California –  $38

J.LohrCabernet Sauvignon, California –  $54

Grey Monk– Pinot Noir, BC-  $38

Cedar Creek– Merlot, BC-  $44

Dona Paula– Malbec, Argentina-  $46

Osoyoos Larose– La Grand Vin, 2015, BC-  $100


Quails GateChasselas Pinot blanc Pinot gris, BC-  $40

Burrowing Owl– Pinot Gris, BC-  $48

Burrowing Owl– Chardonnay, BC-  $60

Louis Latour– Chardonnay, France-  $38

Mission Hill– Sauvignon Blanc, BC-  $34

Oyster Bay– Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand-  $46

Kim Crawford– Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand-  $44

Cedar Creek- Pinot Gris, BC-  $40

Wine at Inlets Restaurant

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