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The village of Egmont on the Sunshine Coast was settled in the late 1890s by a few families of First Nations and Portuguese ancestry.

Accessible only by boat, the community was built around the fishing and hand-logging industries. As logging underwent a period of major growth between 1920 and 1950, the road into Egmont was finally built in the early 1960s.

A kayaker’s dream, the village of Egmont sits at the crossroads of four major waterways: Sechelt Inlet, Jervis Inlet, Hotham Sound and Agamemnon Channel.

Each has thousands of islands, bays and coves for visitors to explore. The surrounding mountains and islands prevent strong winds from forming large waves in our area, unlike along the outer coastline. It is the perfect place to develop your kayaking skills.

Close by are some truly incredible natural destinations, such as the Skookumchuck Rapids, Hotham Sound & Freil Falls, and Princess Louisa Inlet’s Chatterbox Falls. West Coast Wilderness Lodge offers boat cruises, float plane trips and guided kayak adventures to these natural wonders and others.

Dozens of nearby hiking trails will take you through coastal rainforest filled with salal, salamanders and sword ferns.

The area around Egmont also has several peaceful lakes to explore. Waugh, North, Klein and Ruby Lake are the closest. Ask the front desk staff for directions for a peaceful afternoon of swimming and paddling.

Don’t forget to visit the Egmont Heritage Centre & Museum – you will come away with a better understanding of our history and culture.

Just three kilometres east of the Lodge, the Skookumchuck Rapids are the fastest salt water rapids in North America. Currents can exceed 16 knots – creating standing waves, overfalls, and twenty-meter-wide whirlpools.

The contrast from our serene waters to the fierce, boiling currents just a mile away is one of the most remarkable aspects of our tiny village here on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Skookumchuck means “strong water” in Chinook First Nation. Two billion litres of nutrient-rich saltwater are pulled in every day by the Skookumchuck, making the incredible abundance of sea life in Sechelt Inlet possible.

If your stay is a short one, we recommend a hike in to view the Rapids — it is one of our signature destinations. However, as far as activities and places to explore go, the Rapids are only the tip of the …fjord.

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