Kayak Our Inlets, from Sechelt to Jarvis Inlet

West Coast Wilderness Lodge was built at the crossroads of four major waterways: Sechelt Inlet, Jervis Inlet, Hotham Sound and Agamemnon Channel. Each has thousands of islands, bays and coves for visitors to explore.


Exploring the Sechelt Inlet Near the Lodge
Sechelt Inlet is our favourite kayaking destination here on the Sunshine Coast. A narrow inland sea, its forested slopes and historic fishing villages will give you a feel of what coastal B.C. was like in decades past. 

Preparing for a Kayak AdventureThis fjord has more than 350 kilometres of mostly uninhabited coastline to explore and so many hidden secrets that you could spend a lifetime discovering them.

The surrounding mountains and islands prevent strong winds from forming large waves in our area, unlike along the outer coastline. It is the perfect place to develop your kayaking skills. Still, afternoon winds can strengthen against the currents so if you are uncertain or have never paddled before, you should take a guide.

All kayak rentals include kayak, paddle, pfd, throw bag and flotation device.

In order to rent our kayaks and equipment one of our guides will assess your level of ability. When renting equipment out a trip itinerary must always be provided. For overnight or multi-day kayak rentals please inquire for availability.

Rates: Half Day Full Day 24 Hours
Single $50 $75 $90
Double $65 $90 $105

The Lodge Seen From a Kayak Tour

Guided Kayak Tours:

Kayak Lessons and Tours in the Local Inlets

Introductory Kayak Lesson

Never been in a kayak? It's much easier than you think! You will learn the basic paddle strokes with an easy lesson in our sheltered waters. 

This one-and-a-half-hour lesson is great for all ages and fitness levels.

$65 per person
Minimum two persons
Applicable taxes, and gratuities not included

The Brightly Coloured Local StarfishTwo-hour Inlets' Kayak Trip      

Explore the Sutton Islands chain right in front of the Lodge. 

Depending on the tide, we will head past a fish processing plant and government wharf lined with old-timers' fishing boats into Egmont's "downtown" to learn about its history and geography, or kayak west past eagles' nests and colonies of sea stars.

$65 per person
Minimum two persons
Applicable taxes, and gratuities not included

Kayaking Through the Sechelt InletThree-Hour Inlets' Kayak Trip

Sit back, relax and explore one of the most beautiful places in the world while kayaking the protected waters of Sechelt Inlet. Our guides design each trip differently to suit the tides and your abilities.

One of our most popular destinations is a tour of Seal Rock for a visit with a colony of friendly seals basking in the sun. 

The colony, which at any time can range from thirty to a hundred seals, loves their rock because it is the perfect place to hang out and catch the afternoon sun. 

The Nearby Seal ColonyAs you get closer and closer to Seal Rock, these curious creatures will slip into the water for a better view of you! It is not uncommon for half of the pack to escort the tour back to the Lodge dock.


This is one of our most popular guided kayaking expeditions.

$80 per person
Minimum two persons
Applicable taxes, and gratuities not included


Twilight Phosphorescence Kayak Trip

Evening View of the Lodge and EgmontExperience first-hand one of the most magical yet undiscovered secrets of our tiny village – the Twilight Phosphorescence.

Dip your kayak paddle on a twilight adventure and watch as streams of glowing algae swirl in your wake. In summer and fall, our ocean at night looks like a sky full of stars.

To get the full effect, paddle out on a guided tour past the broken island chain, Sutton Islands, to a peaceful scene in full darkness. Drift above schools of thousands of fish, and watch for seals darting through the waters beneath you, their bodies outlined in light.

Smack your paddle and watch in delight as rock cod, ling cod and other sea creatures dart in surprise.

Due to the ephemeral nature of these tiny creatures, they cannot be captured on camera. The only way to experience this phenomenon is to see it.

Please call to confirm availability in advance.

$85 per person + 18% gratuity
Minimum two persons
Applicable taxes


Kayaking Tour Through the Sechelt Inlet Near the LodgeHotham Sound Kayak Tour

This five-hour tour starts when you and your guide are ferried from the Lodge on a short, scenic boat cruise across Jervis Inlet to Hotham Sound. 

Here you will explore not only one of the deepest waterways on the B.C. coast, but one of its warmest bays as well.


The Top of the Friel Falls, Hotham SoundOnce into Hotham Sound, you will slip into your kayak and paddle to Friel Falls, which at 1400 feet tall is considered to be the longest free-standing waterfall between here and Alaska. Depending upon the time of year and the amount of recent rainfall, the sound of the falls can been compared to thunder; don't be surprised if you can hear it from a mile away.

After paddling, you may want to take advantage of the excellent water conditions to go swimming or diving for oysters. If you bring your catch back to the Lodge we will gladly throw them on the barbecue for you.


More than likely you will have worked up an appetite, so let the guide take you to one of her favourite lunch spots. After a delicious lunch prepared by our chefs, hop back in your kayak and paddle to the head of the Sound to be picked up and taken back to the Lodge. Just before you depart, don't forget to take a picture.

$275 per person
Minimum two persons